In a putative class action, the court’s decision about whether to certify the class is always one of the case’s most important rulings—if not the most important ruling. The right to appeal that decision is limited. Some clever plaintiffs’ lawyers had found a way around that limitation, but the U.S. Supreme Court recently blocked their route. Continue Reading Supreme Court Outlaws Class-Action Trick

militaryplanningCompanies facing potential class-action liability often have limited means of defeating class certification. Last month, a federal appellate court approved a class defense that other jurisdictions typically reject. The ruling, if adopted by other courts, could protect many businesses from class threats. Continue Reading Federal Court Revives Nearly Forgotten Strategy for Defending Against Class Actions

Genuine Title LogoThe infamous marketing arrangement run by Genuine Title, LLC, a now-defunct title company from Maryland, has ended up where we all expected: in a certified class action. All the lender defendants except one settled the lawsuits against them. The lone holdout, West Town Bank & Trust, ignored a few critical defenses and learned its lesson the hard way. Continue Reading Lender Misses Golden Opportunity to Assert Key RESPA Defenses

workerviolenceMany states require lenders to record satisfactions of mortgage soon after the underlying debt is paid off. The failure to do so can result in monetary penalties. In light of a recent decision from the U.S. Supreme Court, judges now disagree about whether those situations can also lead to viable lawsuits. Continue Reading Judicial Feud Erupts Over Recording of Mortgage Releases

tsunamiThe impact of a long-awaited court ruling involving PHH Corporation is still reverberating throughout the real estate industry. The decision could radically change the way the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) enforces the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). Because the opinion is so potentially far reaching, we will discuss it in two separate posts. In this first one, we will consider what it means for the CFPB to be unconstitutional. Continue Reading The CFPB Is Unconstitutional, So Now What?