Our bloggers at Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP are trial attorneys with long and proven track records of success in defending members of the real estate industry in class actions around the country. In the past decade alone, we have defended companies in more than 65 class actions in 19 different states. Those cases include three class action jury trials, which are extremely rare events. As part of our work, we have defeated and avoided over $3 billion in damages sought by plaintiffs.

We apply innovative and resourceful thinking to the complexities involved in class action litigation, and we share those insights in our blog. We have extensive experience in assessing cases; removing putative class actions to federal court; managing class-certification and merits discovery; briefing class certification and dispositive motions; enforcing arbitration agreements; managing certified classes; addressing and challenging class notice where necessary; moving to decertify existing classes; trying class actions; and appealing and defending class-certification and merits decisions.

We also have considerable experience helping clients resolve inquiries, investigations, and complaints from regulatory agencies. And when there are proposed regulations that could affect the real estate industry, we keep you informed.